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Our Story

In medieval Europe, there was a beautiful young girl who worked as a maid for the noble class of a luxurious estate. Despite her great beauty and kindness of heart, one day she heard a guest of the nobleman's house crying without being noticed. The nobleman's friend, the daughter of a powerful duke, had lost her hair in an accident. The young woman took pity on the poor girl, cut off her beautiful hair and wove a beautiful substitute for her. Both the girl and her father are delighted and soon everyone has a soft spot for this beautiful girl with a good heart.

About Hairlux.store
Hairlux.store is committed to serving our customers with great products and even better service. Our lace front wigs, 360 lace front wigs, full lace wigs, hair closures, hair weaves, clip in hair extensions and more are made.

We offer a number of different lengths, styles and hair colors to meet the needs of any client. With over 20 years of experience in the industry - we have earned the trust of our clients and do everything we can to exceed their expectations.

Hair Care

We have a professional design team to make wigs according to your requirements: just for your style, personality, skin, etc.
We support resellers, wholesalers and agents. We also protect their market and help them to get more customers.

The picture shows the process of wig making. Each part of the wig making process is an optional part. Therefore, all parts of the production process are under strict supervision, which guarantees the quality of all products.

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